About Us


The mission of Fiber Artists Network (FAN ) is to increase awareness, understanding, and appreciation of fiber art in the art community and among the general public. FAN strives to inspire interest and creativity in fiber arts among emerging and seasoned fiber artists through exhibitions, educational programs, critiques, and networking.

Fiber art includes use of natural and synthetic fibers, and is defined by FAN as an artistic composition using the elements and principles of fine art.



Membership is open to anyone interested in fiber arts.

Dues:  $25 per year
"Guests: Guests are welcome to attend up to three programs before membership is required."
Benefits of Membership: 
°  Attend 12 informational programs per year

°  Connect with other fiber artists for critiques and exchange of ideas
°  Major exhibit at least once a year
°  Monthly newsletter with announcements about members, events, and information on local exhibits and fiber art calls-for-entry
°  Personal page on FAN website
More Information:  info@fiberartistsnetwork.org



FAN meets on the third Friday of each month.

Time:  10:00am – 1:00pm
Location (unless otherwise announced):
The Bartram Trail Library
60 Davis Pond Blvd, Fruit Cove, FL 32259.
Google Map:
Usual Format:
Committee Reports and Announcements

°  “Show and Share"
°  Scheduled Program


2016 Steering Committee

President:  Joella Manning
Treasurer: Julia Keith
Exhibits:  Amy Dove 
Website: Diane Hamburg and Shirley Gregor
Pat Worrell